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TOSHIMA makes use of PURETECH HS-II technology to fulfil all commercial buildings Elevation needs with superlative management system with negligent lubricant for a convenient and noiseless ride through the building.
The wisdom technology adopts flexibility, makes the intelligent elements fully integrated to make the ride comfortable. For an efficient and traction less moving, this variant of Elevator comes with a target layer system, remote monitoring system, negative oxygen ion fresh air system and other advanced function for an identity upgrade. Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this Puretech HS comes with a series of variants like


Ultra high speed with PURETECH- HS technology

This technology best suits building Elevation functionalities like skyscrapers, commercial malls and super rise buildings. It gets you Optimum speed with controlled operational panels with below specifications.




Speed - ft/min/(m/s)

1000 kg

Max. Duty Load

350 ft

Max. Vertical Rise

Not just faster, but lifting your farther

With super-speed technology, we are evolving in the Elevator reign when it comes to high rise projects. With speed, the riding and waiting time gets reduced to give you the satisfying user experience

High-tech air pressure optimisation

This feature enables cutting of sound decibels and avail passengers with a noiseless ride. The pressure created above and below the panels makes the braking system smooth and prevent jerks.

Remote Monitoring System

It can record the Elevator's running condition at the same time of monitoring. It takes statistics and analyses the elevators running data and sends the Elevators report for printing. It can alarm when the Elevator is in the abnormal condition in order to improve work efficiency, service and maintenance.

Compact gearless traction

With gearless traction, the ride is always smooth and hiccup-less. Custom specifications are made according to the building height with modern and updated induction motor panels.

Anti-Fault Safety System

These Elevators come with photocell protection and built-in fault detection where it gets priority alerted for any possible future accident and rectify it within the system or raise the alarm. Advanced protection features have been added like braking force self-detection system and balance system self-learning.

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