Elevator with Machine Room

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Elevator with Machine Room

Elevators with machine room have traction privilege lifted by ropes passing over a wheel attached to motors.

There are two types of machine room design:
1. Geared Traction
2. Gearless Traction

The weight adds to the efficiency of the elevators as it offsets the weight of the goods and occupants so as to avoid pulling the extra loads. They are used for mid and high rise applications. It can be classified in terms of geared and gearless traction.

Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this Industrial Elevators comes with a series of variants like


Elevating you ahead of future

This feature comes with both gear and gearless traction according to the needs and standards of the building. As required by the code, the machine room is built in adequate size. For best results, the control room is built beside the hoist way. Some of our tech specs are.




Speed - ft/min/(m/s)

1200 kg

Max. Duty Load

300 ft

Max. Vertical Rise

Distinctive design solution with more room

It brings both the comfort of gearless and robustness of geared technology together. Every building differs in structure and purpose. We don’t believe in one size fit all concept, and that has made us come up with this technology who knows to adapt.

Smooth door function

It is a dynamic functionality which controls the horizontal and vertical movements at once. The speed of opening and closing door and movement of lift downward and upward are so optimise to make the movement look static and easy.

Anti-Fault Safety System

These Elevators come with photocell protection and built-in fault detection where it gets priority alerted for any possible future accident and rectify it within the system or raise the alarm. Advanced protection features have been added like braking force self-detection system and balance system self-learning.

multiple beam safety

You need not press the button. The presence of photocell sensors allows the door to open when it detects an object/human presence. The moving technology or no-contact technology is in demand and so are our effort to make it accessible to regular customers.

Remote Monitoring System

It can record the Elevator's running condition at the same time of monitoring. It takes statistics and analyses the elevators running data and sends the Elevators report for printing. It can alarm when the Elevator is in the abnormal condition in order to improve work efficiency, service and maintenance.

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