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TOSHIMA makes use of PURETECH BED Technology to fulfil medical building Elevation needs. Considering the various scene and making the users feel meticulous care in full detail, Bed Elevators uses VVVF inverter transfer control driven technology to make the Elevator do the perfect start and levelling.
For a free entering and departing, the openings are maximised using two-speed door system which deepens the design of car space and makes the beds convenient for easy moving inside the lift. The levelling parts reduce almost the possibility of errors.
Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this Puretech BED comes with a series of variants like


Comfort carrying with PURETECH-BED technology

To make it shock and jerk-free, we manufacture Bed Elevators with swift technology and make sure extra room space for accommodating wheelchairs and stretchers are available. Our tech specs include




Speed - ft/min/(m/s)

1600 kg

Max. Duty Load

500 ft

Max. Vertical Rise

The technology of lifting with care

We understand the seriousness when it comes to providing a lifting service to patients in the hospitals where a simple jerk can turn fatal to a severe extent. So we take extra aid and precaution in ensuring a safe passenger and patient ride through the building.

Remote Monitoring System

It can record the Elevator's running condition at the same time of monitoring. It takes statistics and analyses the elevators running data and sends the Elevators report for printing. It can alarm when the Elevator is in the abnormal condition in order to improve work efficiency, service and maintenance.

Battery operated alarm and light(Emergency)

In case of power failure, you need not panic. The battery-operated alarm and light are provided to help you raise the alarm and alert the officials for a safe rescue.

Anti-Fault Safety System

These Elevators come with photocell protection and built-in fault detection where it gets priority alerted for any possible future accident and rectify it within the system or raise the alarm. Advanced protection features have been added like braking force self-detection system and balance system self-learning.

Optimum traction panels and sockets

No shocks triggered jerks and unevenness. It makes sure when a patient is lifted with a life support system, the travel is jolt free. Special sockets for carrying medical equipment are also available.

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