Hydraulic Elevators

Fluid driven Elevators

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are powered by a hydraulic cylinder which consists of fluid piston moving along the cylinder inside. Unlike traction elevators, they do not use overhead lifting machines, and fluid compression is used instead to generate motion. The elevator car is lifted by a motor, and it pumps the oil into the cylinder for moving the piston.
The concept uses electric valves which controls the release of oil to leverage a smooth ride. They are easy to install, comparatively, they are less expensive and are ideal heavy weight carriers which encourage the possibility to build a configuration without machine room requirement.
Apart from high-quality value and generous models, this fluid driven Elevators comes with a series of variants like


Fluid technology made easy

Instead of conventional features is based, Its on Hydraulic Ram technology which is simple and effective. The robustness in this kind of elevators helps them to maintain a good life span. our technical specs for this kind of elevators include




Speed - ft/min/(m/s)

300 kg

Max. Duty Load

300 ft

Max. Vertical Rise

Durable Elevation with high sensibility

The feature which makes the Hydraulic Elevators special is its durability and ability to sustain mis-happenings. They are generally long term usage Elevators which require maintenance at a larger period of time. They are of the highest standards compared to others in the Elevator family.

Extra buffer space

Extra buffer space ensures that space is maintained between the car roof and top landing to avoid weariness and friction. A pump run time always keeps a track on travel time and includes an instant braking system.

Remote Monitoring System

It can record the Elevator's running condition at the same time of monitoring. It takes statistics and analyses the elevators running data and sends the Elevators report for printing. It can alarm when the Elevator is in the abnormal condition in order to improve work efficiency, service and maintenance.

Wide guide rail distance

The wide guide rail system is useful when it comes to home use since it uses shorter cylinder assembly so that they can easily fit into homes standard 8' ceiling height. It maintains good ride quality and optimises the stability in cabs.

Anti-Fault Safety System

These Elevators come with photocell protection and built-in fault detection where it gets priority alerted for any possible future accident and rectify it within the system or raise the alarm. Advanced protection features have been added like braking force self-detection system and balance system self-learning.

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