Lift Cabins & Doors Designs

M.S Powder Coated Cabins

Strictly designed under international standards, We bring you a range of coated cabins made up of high-grade metals and durable panels. They are light weighted and modular in terms of design and standards. With intelligent finish and longer life efficiency, our Cabin models posses every potential to satisfy customer’s needs and requirements.

Stainless Steel Cabins

Our Company is widely known for providing Stainless Steel Elevator cabins. They are built with high-quality stainless steel and materials undergoing various filtration stages. They are highly durable and guarantee long term functionality.

Lift Cabin Doors

Stainless Steel Door with Grid Vision

Stainless Steel Door with Small Vision Panel

Stainless Steel Half Framed Glass Door (Big Vision)

Stainless Steel Fully Framed Glass Door (Big Vision)

M.S Powder Coated Swing Door with Small Vision

M.S Powder Coated Manual Telescopic Door with Small Vision Panel

Stainless Steel Doors (Shutter)

Stainless Steel Doors (Standard)

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