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TOSHIMA makes use of PURETECH HS-I technology to fulfil all residential and high-rise building elevator needs with powerful traction to enhance speed and support smooth-riding until reaching the maximum height of the building.
PURETECH HS adopts the special shafting machine which is tailored to super-high-speed Elevators. The control system has a powerful performance and has many safety precautions. The core component in the control system introduces a variable frequency control technique which ensures, elevators runs safely and efficiently. Door motors adopt double machines, double retiring cam structure, double power and double protection.
Apart from high-quality value and generous models, Puretech HS comes with a series of variants like


Racing High-speed Elevation with PURETECH-HS Technology

Fast passenger lift solution which is a perfect choice for multi-dwelling and high rise residential buildings. Our technical specs include




Speed - ft/min/(m/s)

1000 kg

Max. Duty Load

500 ft

Max. Vertical Rise

Synergy and speed in motion

To match the fast pacing world, we work towards giving a lifting experience to passengers too to cover maximum vertical distance in minimum span of time with our PURETECH high speed technology.

Car Over speed resistant

Features like electronic brakes help the shaft not to ascend beyond rated speed. It monitors the speed continuously and cut the power supply if it detects an over speeding through double brake mechanism.

Remote Monitoring System

It can record the Elevator's running condition at the same time of monitoring. It takes statistics and analyses the elevators running data and sends the Elevators report for printing. It can alarm when the Elevator is in the abnormal condition in order to improve work efficiency, service and maintenance.

Self-regulated landing for (power failures)

self-built in battery-powered system helps passenger to land safely during power failures. The algorithm is so built that in case of a power failure, it evacuates passenger by ascending or descending them to the nearest floor.

Anti-Fault Safety System

These Elevators come with photocell protection and built-in fault detection where it gets priority alerted for any possible future accident and rectify it within the system or raise the alarm. Advanced protection features have been added like braking force self-detection system and balance system self-learning.

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